About Moti Mahal Restaurant

Moti Mahal Restaurant specialises in bringing the exotic flavours of traditional Indian cuisine to our patrons. We have over a quarter century of experience, and we know exactly how to treat you to a wonderful meal!

The owner, Karam Jaryal, and his family are committed to serving the best cuisine to their customers at Moti Mahal, and making sure that our patrons always feel loved and welcomed.

So, come, enjoy Moti Mahal’s panorama of authentic Indian taste and texture. Experience the spicy flavour of real Indian spice, the delicate balance of flavours in our hand-crafted recipes.

We know that it’s taste is king, and we want our taste to last forever in your memory. That’s the Moti touch.

The restaurant’s popularity initially grew around a core group of Indian customers, customers who loved the authentic tastes and aromas that came out of our kitchen. The chefs of Moti Mahal create unique recipes using their decades of experience that results in delicious dishes that people remembered for years. Those who truly had a love for Indian spice learned about us through word of mouth. Our dedication to providing this food led to the development of many long-term relationships with our customers.

Moti Mahal offers the highest class, most cosmopolitan restaurant experience available, replete with authentic Indian styles, tastes, and spices. No matter if you are in the mood for a full gourmet experience or just a snack, we’ve got something that will suit your every taste.

All our dishes are made using only the finest ingredients. We use real, fresh, traditional spice, the best vegetables, seafood straight from the ocean, and the freshest cuts of meat. You won’t find a more authentic or delicious Indian experience in all of Melbourne.

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