Indian cuisine is so diverse that it is said to vary after every 30 kilometres. This is the case with the Indian breads that accompany all kinds of meals from Indian breakfast to Indian curries. Bread is as much a part of the culture and tradition as rice for Indians. Especially in the northern part of India, where large wheat fields grow. In India, flat bread or chapati is a part of everyday meal, whereas, there are special versions of bread which are served only in special festive occasions.

Here’s presenting a small introduction on Indian bread that is easily available in any Indian restaurant in Caulfield, so you can order like a pro whenever you are eating Indian food outside.

When the topic of Indian flatbreads is discussed, then the Indian Chapati is regarded as the king of the Indian tables. It is made from a dough of whole wheat flour (called atta in hindi) and water and is cooked in the pan (tawa). It is also called roti but based on the region, the name, form and taste of Indian flatbreads vary. In any authentic Indian restaurant in Caulfield, be sure to try the misi roti, which mixes wheat flour and chickpeas with a selection of spices. Also, the Muslim restaurants offer the delicious tandoori roti and roomali roti.

Pan Naan: The majority of the population knows naan bread, which has become synonymous with Hindu bread at some places. The irony is that Indians only eat naan on special occasions and it is rarely done at home. It is cooked in the tandoor, which is a clay oven. It is made from refined flour, unlike roti bread, which is made with whole wheat flour. Sometimes, to enhance the taste factor, the naan is dipped in subtly salted butter. There are several other stuffed versions of naan also available, which are equally magnificent.

Parantha or paratha: It is eaten, generally, for breakfast. It is another of the flatbreads of India and is, essentially, a stuffed roti. Dough made from ground whole wheat grains dough is filled with various ingredients ranging from spiced potatoes to cauliflower or onions chopped with chili. They are thinner and heavier than the rotis. Both are cooked on an iron plate or a flat pan, which is called a tava. Almost at the end of cooking, a layer of oil or ghee is added (ghee means clarified butter) and is accompanied with Indian pickle or yogurt to increase its appeal. You can taste it in any good Indian restaurant in Caulfield.

Puri: The puri has a harder mass than the one used for Rotis. Once the dough has been given the shape of small round flat breads, it is placed in a deep wok called a karahi, filled with hot oil. The dough goes to the bottom at the beginning, but then emerges and swells. It is crispy and soft and goes very well with a slurry potato gravy. If you admire savoury Indian food, then this dish will simply mesmerize you.

Roti, chapati or phulka: Rotis or phulkas are the most common breads in India, a flat and very soft bread that is heated until golden brown. They are very healthy version of Indian flatbreads and are made in every single household. The rotis are made with whole wheat grains only. It can be accompanied with all sorts of Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

The breads from India tastes wonderful with hummus, with pastes of all kinds, with fillings and you can also eat them with chutneys.