Indian cuisine encompasses diverse food from India and its neighboring places. They are known for using different spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits to create those unique dishes. Most known Indian restaurants in Caulfield are either family-owned or first-generation establishment. When you’re new to this particular type of cuisine, it’s essential to know what type of food to order. Mentioned below are certain reminders on what to buy in an Indian restaurant in Caulfield.

Know What to Have

Indian food includes different sauces, spices and marinated meat and vegetables. Its influence arrived from different countries, like China, Persia, Portugal and England. The Indian religion, which is particularly Buddhism, also impact food choices so majority of them prefer eating vegetables over meat.

Appetizers- Most Indian appetizers are basically deep-fried pastries coupled with cream soups and raw vegetables. They’re often served with sauces, like chutney or yogurt, in order to balancethe spicy flavor. The most recognized appetizer is the SAMOSA, a fried pastry coupled with mixed vegetables, meat and spices inside a dough.

Drinks- Indian drinks are usually sweet to complement the spicy taste of their food. People usually prefer ordering a LASSI, a sweet yogurt-based shake. A sweet drink, such as panakam, with water, sugar, and ginger and lime juice is also rated as a favourite among food lovers.

Main Dishes- There are few Indian restaurants in Caulfield that offer an all-vegetarian meal for people who avoid meat. There are incidents of chefs converting their meat dishes with a vegetable alternative to suit the customer’s taste. The best main dish to order is a curry. It’s made up of meat and vegetables soaked in yogurt or coconut-based marinade. When you visit an Indian restaurant, most dishes includes lamb, chicken, rice or spinach.

Desserts- Indians are fond of sugar and milk-based desserts coupled with fresh fruits. Majority of the restaurants crystalize their puddings and ice creams with fruits, like pomegranate, mango and banana. One of the popular puddings is KHEER, which is a rice pudding dashed with raisins, cardamom and cinnamon.

The rich flavors, creamy sauces and spices of Indian cuisine are turning popular globally. People who prefer vegetables, sugar and milk-based food items, and spicy dishes visit Indian restaurants in Caulfield very often.