Missing homemade food in a foreign land? In the event that you want to enjoy the dishes you think about so much, you may go to a restaurant offering Indian food. Such diners are great for experiencing homelike atmosphere when you are far from home. If you are staying in St. Kilda, Victoria, visiting an Indian restaurant may give you the lost taste you are looking for.

Food that Tantalize Your Taste Buds

Do you like Mughlai cuisine? If your answer is yes, you may order chicken tandoori kebab either full or half plate. The taste and the colour of the chicken pieces are bound to attract your attention and bring water to your mouth. Luscious looking juicy pieces of chicken melt in your mouth giving you a divine feeling.

The other Mughlai dishes include chicken boti kebab, chicken rashmi kebab and many more. Each dish is a salvo of feel-good and pleasure. They are prepared, so as to offer you the enjoyment that you have been missing, ever since you landed in the foreign country. Bringing in mind the taste, flavour, and smell of the Mughlai items prepared in India, these restaurants in Australia are meant to provide you with a feeling of uniqueness.

As far as vegetarian dishes are concerned, shahee paneer and palak paneer are two of the most popular items prepared. Cottage cheese forms the main ingredient of the item, with spices added in the right quantity. While palak paneer is a combination of paneer and spinach, shahee paneer is a preparation of cottage cheese in cashew nut sauce. As a regular to an Indian restaurant, you will realise that people in St. Kilda and Malvern love to frequent these diners. You not only find Indians savouring the taste of Indian cuisine, but also see Australians enjoying there.

Music Is the Food for Life

Some of these diners also play old Hindi songs, dating back to the 70s or 80s. Raga-based music is also a craze in such restaurants attracting people to bite into a savoury item while immersing them in a world of great music and tunes.

Dress Code and the Indian Language Makes an Impact

The waiters and the other staff at the restaurants make sure that you feel at home when you go there for eating. The language used by the staff to speak with their guests is also a gift. They converse in Hindi, highlighting their attachment to their roots. In certain restaurants, the employees have a dress code, which is essentially ethnic and adheres to the traditional Indian dressing style. Dhoti, kurta, pajama, jackets and such other things are worn by the waiters and the other staff.

All restaurants in Australia excel in greeting and serving their guests. The Indian diners rank among the best in this category. If you are in St. Kilda, you must visit a restaurant, which serves Indian food. Such places of eating can give you peace of mind and pleasure, besides taking you back to the customs you have been yearning to experience.