Indian food is known for its mind-blowing taste and incredible variety. If you still haven’t tasted Indian food, you have absolutely no idea what you are missing out on. Authentic Indian delicacies are packed with flavours and they surely taste amazing. Come explore the joys of Indian food in a reputed Indian restaurant in Armadale.

Is Indian cuisine only about curry?

No. There is a lot more to Indian cuisine than the famous version of the hot and spicy Indian curry. Everybody loves to eat curry. However, in reality, even though Indian curry is certainly one of the most famous Indian dishes, Indian restaurants showcase a lot more. Curry implies sauce or gravy. Indian dishes with gravy differ greatly in taste from one dish to another. You would certainly be able to tell the difference between the tomato and butter based gravy of Butter Chicken and the spinach-based Saag Mutton. You must understand there is not only one kind of gravy. The delicately flavoured Narial Chicken comprises chicken fillets with a smooth coconut cream and the peanut butter sauce which is a great variation from the rich mutton Rogan Josh.

The same curry powder does the magic in every dish. Is this observation right?

Many people have a misconception that different kinds of delectable Indian curry dishes could be created simply by throwing in the curry powder. In reality, however, Westerners are used to infusing curry powder in their dishes to make them more flavoursome. In India, each restaurant and each family make their very own signature spice mix right from the scratch. Visit any renowned Indian restaurant in Armadale and find out for yourself.

Does Indian cuisine offer many kinds of food?

Yes, there are several types of Indian dishes for you to enjoy. People are mostly mistaken when they think that there is a single generic type. Indian cuisine offers a broad spectrum of dishes. That is simply because there are as many as 29 states in this land of geographic and cultural diversity. Each state offers an extensive variety of their unique cuisine. You could enjoy having delicious South Indian dishes. You could have lip-smacking tandoori delicacies, street foods, and mouth-watering snacks. You could choose from various Chaats, Samosas, Pakoras, Fish Masala, Egg Curry, Rogan Josh, Lamb Korma, Jhinga Jhalfrezi, Chicken Dhansak, Kadhai Gosht, Lamb Korma, Gosht Methiwala etc.

Does Modern Indian Cuisine Offer Lip-smacking Indo-Chinese Cuisine?

Yes, most Indian restaurants have top-of-the-line chefs in the industry, who come up with innovative and yummy Indo-Chinese fusion delicacies. They are highly-talented and creative; hence, they blend many Indian and Chinese elements into a magical mix. Today Indo-Chinese fusion food is in great demand and popular worldwide as they tantalize your taste buds.

The most popular Indo-Chinese fusion dish is the Chilli Chicken. The Chilli Chicken is made from marinated boneless chunks of chicken that are coated with cornflour and egg batter and deep fried. Then finely chopped garlic and ginger, some onions, and some fabulous Indo-Chinese spices are added along with the vinegar and various sauces such as the soy sauce, chilli sauce, etc. People residing in Armadale could walk into a reputed Indian restaurant and try out interesting twists such as the Chilli Beef, Chilli Lamb, Chilli Prawn, Chilli Mushroom, Chilli Cauliflower, Chilli Mushroom etc. There are several other Indo-Chinese fusion delicacies that are becoming real hot favourites.

The world of Indian cuisine is marked by diversity, twists, exotic flavours, and mind-blowing taste.