Rice is a hot favourite staple cereal in India. Indian cuisine offers a delightful variety of rice dishes that would surely pamper your taste buds. There are numerous rice preparations that are made regionally. Some of the most loved rice dishes are Peas Pulao, Lamb or Chicken Biryani, tempered rice preparations like Jeera Rice, Lemon Rice, and Curd Rice etc. India is known for its amazing variety of rice but Basmati Rice is supposed to be the most popular rice that is mostly used for making delectable Pulaos or Biryanis. Here are some of the mouth-watering Indian rice dishes that could even be enjoyed by people based in Armadale if they visit any reputed Indian restaurant.

Peas Pulao: Peas Pulao is certainly a hot favourite Indian delicacy that is enjoyed by one and all. It is a really simple and a one pot meal. It could be prepared in a jiffy yet, it tastes mind-blowing. You could enjoy Peas Pulao with any rich tomato based gravy dish or you could simply enjoy your Peas Pulao with onion pachadi as a simple side dish. This authentic Indian dish is mostly prepared with the aromatic Basmati Rice. However, this dish would taste quite good even if you prepare it with other varieties of rice, but you could use Basmati for an added punch and amazing flavour. This is a simple rice dish that is made from very few ingredients and is not only easy but quick to prepare. You could taste this amazing rice dish in a reputed Indian restaurant in Armadale. Peas Pulao is also referred to as the Pilaf.

Jeera Rice: Jeera Rice is a truly versatile dish that could be served with any Indian side dish. Every side dish would taste delicious when had with the authentic Indian Jeera Rice. Cumin seeds or Jeera and a select few whole spices are sautéed in clarified butter or ghee for an added flavour to the usual plain rice. When served piping hot and garnished with finely chopped fresh coriander leaves, it would be the best possible comfort food for any Indian. It is basically steamed rice tempered with fried cumin seeds. This could be enjoyed with any curry or subzi or even dal. It could even be enjoyed simply with some pickles and yogurt. This simple rice dish is often given a whole new dimension by garnishing it with fried cashew nuts and onion barista or crispy deep-fried onions. This would surely enhance the palatability and flavour of the simple dish.

Chicken or Lamb Biryani: Biryani could easily be the most frequently ordered dish in any Indian restaurant based in Armadale. Whether it is chicken Biryani or the Lamb Biryani or even the Veg Biryani, it tastes amazing and is loved by one and all. This is an authentic Indian one-pot rice preparation. It is cooked with the aromatic Basmati Rice and chunks of Lamb/ mutton or large pieces of chicken and the distinctive Biryani flavour comes from saffron, and the desi garam masala. Biryani recipes usually team well with raitas and salads. There are two broad varieties of Biryani, the Lucknowi Biryani and the Hyderabadi Biryani and both are known for their distinctive taste and flavour. The Hyderabadi Biryani is enjoyed with side dishes like baghara baigan or mirch ka saalan.

Lemon Rice: This is a mouth-watering South Indian rice preparation. Steamed rice is tempered with fried mustard seeds, lentils, green chillies and curry leaves and fresh lemon juice is added to give a tangy taste. A little bit of turmeric is used to give it a lemony yellow colour. This dish is amazingly refreshing and is mostly enjoyed with chutney, raita or kosambari, a kind of a salad.

Next time when you are in Armadale, you could visit any Indian restaurant there and order one of these tempting rice dishes.