Indian food is often surrounded by some misconceptions. In this article, we have tried to negate them and to make our readers more acquainted with the outstanding flavours of Indian cuisine.

1. Myth- All Indian dishes are hot and spicy.

This is simply untrue that Indian dishes are always hot and spicy. While spices are eminently used in Indian cooking, they do not make the food too spicy. Also, not all Indian dishes contain spices. There are various dishes which are made without using spices and are suitable for people who do not prefer spicy food.

2. Myth- Indian dishes are fatty.

This too is the wrong concept. There are several Indian dishes which do not need oil and are cooked by roasting, steaming, grilling, or boiling the components. You might be amazed by looking at the multitude of Indian vegetables which are a part of Indian cooking. Also, several dishes include medicinal and healing ingredients like turmeric, ginger, and garlic which make Indian cuisine healthy and wholesome.

3. Myth- Indian dishes are heavy.

The heaviness of Indian dishes depends completely on your choices. Some dishes in Indian cuisine are heavy, while some are not. If you choose heavy desserts like Gulab Jamun or Rasgulla, you might end up feeling full, however, if you do not wish to eat heavy food, then you can opt for Idli or Dosas.

4. Myth: All Indian dishes contain ‘Garam masala’

‘Garam Masala’ is considered to be synonymous with Indian curries. However, there are several dishes which are cooked without using garam masala. Indian cuisine is a blend of various spices and flavours. Also, different regions use different spices and ingredients to bring out the flavours. Also, even though the basic ingredients used in the dishes might be the same, still every cook uses different proportions to give a unique flavour to their dish.

Moreover, Indians prefer freshly grinding their spice mix just before cooking. This adds a pinch of freshness to the dishes which they prepare.

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