Indian food is popular all over the globe for its mind-blowing flavours and use of different ingredients. Spices are widely used in Indian food and that is something which sets this cuisine apart from the rest. Several Indian dishes are also unique because of the way they are cooked. Most people only talk about curries when they discuss Indian food. However, desserts also play a very integral part of this particular cuisine. Every Indian meal is incomplete without the inclusion of desserts. In Indian culture, desserts or sweet dishes are usually eaten during festivals and happy occasions like weddings, family gatherings, etc. Several sweet delicacies also have some or the other cultural significance. The ingredients used in these dishes are often rich in texture and taste. Almost all regions in India have their peculiar cuisine and the same also goes for desserts. Giving a perfect end to every meal, Indian sweet dishes are unique and interesting by all means. Head to an Indian restaurant in Malvern East and try the following Indian desserts.

Kesri Kulfi

One of the most popular Indian desserts, Kulfi is similar to an ice-cream. Kulfi is creamier than an ice-cream and is often filled with one or the other flavours. Primarily, a kulfi is made up of milk and sugar. Kesri kulfi is filled with pistachios, saffron and almonds.

Gulab Jaman

Sweet dough balls immersed in sugar syrup are gulab jamans. Made from dairy products and a bit high on the sweetness level, gulab jamans are unique by all means. This particular sweet dish is sometimes garnished with dry fruits too! Gulab jamans usually have a melt in the mouth texture and are best eaten with an Indian meal.

Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa is a common recipe in the Indian households. This particular sweet dish is basically made from carrots, milk and sugar. More like a pudding, gajar ka halwa is cooked in ghee which makes it rich in both taste and texture.

Visit an Indian restaurant in Malvern East and binge on these wonderful desserts.