Turmeric gives Indian curry its authentic yellow colour. It is used in Indian cuisine as a chief spice and is a superlative nutritional supplement. It is a medicinal herb and has major health benefits that simply cannot be overlooked. Cur cumin is an active element in turmeric, so turmeric boasts of robust anti-inflammatory effects and is supposed to be a powerful antioxidant. Turmeric is good for combating diverse degenerative processes occurring in the brain.

Turmeric consumption on a regular basis could lower the risk of heart issues. Turmeric is good for preventing and perhaps even treating cancer. It could alleviate pain and other issues in patients suffering from arthritis and is often more effective as compared to anti-inflammatory drugs. Turmeric could be helpful in alleviating depression symptoms. Constant use of turmeric could help in delaying aging issues. Turmeric is best for combating age-associated chronic diseases. Enjoy the benefits of turmeric by having authentic Indian food at the most reputed Indian restaurant based in Caulfield.


Cardamom is part of the amazing Indian spice mix called the garam masala that is used in all Mughlai dishes, in curries, and Biryanis to add an amazing flavour to the dishes. The health benefits associated with cardamom are many. It helps in alleviating digestion issues, reducing spasms, lowering blood pressure, increasing metabolism, increasing blood circulation, increasing the volume and frequency of urination. Cardamom provides us with necessary minerals and vitamins and that may include niacin, riboflavin, Vitamin C, manganese, iron, and potassium. Cardamom’s essential oil has amazing healing properties.


Cinnamon is another vital ingredient of the garam masala mix. It reduces inflammation and is effective in eliminating pain, eliminating infections, managing diabetes, alleviating gas issues, enhancing heart health, building strong bones, boosting cognitive issues, preventing cancer and is really beneficial for your skin and eyes.


Cloves are also used in the garam masala mix and they have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anaesthetic properties. They are known to contain important volatile oils and organic compounds that are effective in preventing cancer, balancing bodily fluids, managing heart rate, enhancing digestion, boosting oral hygiene, eliminating premature aging, and fortifying the membranes all over the body. Garam masala is used in most Indian curries and Biryanis. Come enjoy authentic Indian delicacies at the most reliable Indian restaurant located in Caulfield.


Saffron is the star ingredient in Biryanis and kulfis. It contains carotenoids that are effective in boosting the overall health of your immune system. It combats infections in wounds, induces sleep, elevates your mood, eliminates spasms, and reduces blood pressure and much more.