Piping hot masala tea accompanied with some mouth-watering snacks would make for a perfect evening. Today Indian starters and snacks are quite popular all over the world and many top Indian restaurants abroad are boasting of having them on their extensive menu. On those evenings when you have nothing at home to accompany your masala tea, visit any premium Indian restaurant in Malvern East and you are sure to find these popular Indian snacks in their menu. Here are some of the most popular Indian snacks & starters that would leave you asking for more. These Indian delicacies are known for their finger licking goodness.


Samosa is a hot favourite crispy Indian snack that has a wonderfully crunchy outer layer and a nice filling of potato, peas, and authentic Indian spices. The pastry is made from maida and it is supposed to be nice and flaky. Samosas are usually deep fried but nowadays often the healthy version comes baked. Nothing could beat the appetising and truly delectable combo of a samosa, sweet tamarind chutney and chai. You could also, get samosa with a variety of fillings including minced meat, spiced potato, peas, lentils, onions, noodles and macaroni. The traditional Indian samosa is also, available today with a fusion twist.


Many of you are delighted to have chai with onion bhajias and vegetable pakoras. You could be quite innovative and creative while making pakoras. You could certainly experiment with various ingredients such as the besan or gram flour batter and the veggies. Onion bhajias are nothing but sliced and chopped onion in a thick gram flour batter to which a magical mix of spices is added. These are deep fried and are simply crunchy, crispy and truly mind-blowing.


This is a very popular South Indian delicacy made from boiled and mashed potato dipped in a smooth and thick besan/ gram flour and rice flour batter. Aloo bondas are supposed to have absolutely crispy exterior and soft inside.

Samosa Chaat

Samosa and Punjabi chole are two of the hot favourites of every Indian. When these two authentic delicacies are combined and served with a whole lot of distinctive desi spices, tangy mint chutney and sweet tamarind chutney, crisp sev, crunchy onions, the dish is called chaat and is absolutely irresistible. This yummy Samosa Chaat is supposed to be an ever-popular street food in Delhi.

Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada is a dish that comprises of dumplings made from split urad daal or black gram beans. The dumplings are soaked in a tasty yogurt base with spicy toppings and sweet tamarind chutney and even green chutney made from fresh coriander leaves, red chilli, etc.

Tikia Chole

Crispy potato tikias are served on a bed of rich spicy chole and topped with sliced onions and lemon juice. It is topped with tangy mint chutney, desi spices, and sweet tamarind chutney,

You could now enjoy these snacks in a reliable Indian restaurant in Malvern East. These snacks are budget friendly but keep you fully satisfied in terms of taste.